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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Suka sangat tunda kerja

I became so clumsy on the first day right after 2 weeks of school holz,  ,
N the clumziness actually came from my habit of delaying works.

3 weeks b4 school holz started, Pn Mazni had remind me bout Dewan Siswa which must be given to any pupil right after their 'something like rakan pembaca' during the assembly,..
Because I am Nurul Amirah, as if there's another tomorrow for the next day  , then , defenietly there will be always another tomorrow for any work to be delayed.. huhuhu...

On my last holiday, which is Sunday ,my family n I were in KL.As schooling will be started on the next day,we had a very rushing journey  from KL going back to Ipoh because our journey did not end there. After we reached Ipoh around 2 pm , we continued our extremely fast rushing journey to Gerik as we need to get azam back to MRSM in Gerik .

And as usual, after 3 weeks , I started to search for Dewan Siswa only on that day but I coudn't find any of them in any shop as many bookstores were closed on weekend. Oh dear,.. I am soo regret for not getting that mag during school holz. At the same time, I do not dare to tell ayah bout' that mag . I will surely get scolded from him for delaying things......
Mcm biasalah , kalau da asyik tangguh2 kerja  , mmg tak dapat la benda tuh.. huhhh... jangan tunda2 daaa!!!

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