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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sambutan for Azam's Straight As in his UPSR 2009

~MIOR AHMAD AZAM yg diraikan~ =P
UPSR result were out on Thursday ( 19.11.09) . I was absent from school on Wednesday .Actually, I planned to go to Azam's school on this day because I thought that the result of UPSR will be announced on Wednesday, Unfortunately, I was wrong.. huhh! How frustrated I am. Alrite, fine..redha la kn, maybe there's HIKMAH from Allah :)
Azam n Friends on laz day of school.
19.11.09, Thursday.
I went to school (SMC) as usual n go back home by bus as usual too :D . When I reached home, I was so eager to know the result .. Alhamdulillah, he achieved straight As for his UPSR. Syukur alhamdulillah, we are so proud of him :)
We decided to celebrate his succesful achievement today. We surrounded almost half of Ipoh..hahah! yeaa rite.. N finally, we chose Pizza Hut to celebrate his success. We celebrated happily there! It juz tht, Azam n I realized tht some people kept keeping their eye on us -_- .. huhuhh.. As for me, I really hate the situation.. It was very annoying. herrhh...!! Suddenly, Azam said something that is not good about them very CLEARLY . Ya Allah, die nieh! buat nye didengar oleh manusia2 tuh.. saboo jelaa :)
Alright! The end of my story =P . We captured a lot of memories! Well, as we all know, pictures are more than enough to describe everything .. So, I posted some of those pictures.. These are the picts! let's check it out! huhu ^o^

Ayah ^^ Myself ^^ C'MAH!

Congrats Dik!

And, NOT Forgotting,
suprisingly,Aiman ate 5 of these!
And yeah! We are so proud of you too Aiman ^o^ ..
The conclusion here is, we are one Happy family =D .I love my family :) Alhamdulillah. Take care!
Wassalam =D

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