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Saturday, October 8, 2011

TAK perlula.,

YESTERDAY...All my troubles seem so far away...
Yesterday., I went to popular n filled in the vacancy form ..,
The basic salary is 8oo monthly.., waa.., it is higher than my expectations ! the basic is as well as higher than what I gained from parkson..the working hour is 5days in a week which include 3 days of full shift with 2 half days..
At the same time, I actually feel so hard to decide whether should I go for work or not..,
When my father got to know about my planning., he said " ayah ingat., tak payah la.,"
because.., by the time I start to work., it's already school holiday., and if I decide to go ahead with my part time job, I would become the distraction for any planning regarding on vacations !  N i really hate that situation., I feel really bad n start hating myself... ='(
I experienced it before when working in parkson.,there are so many things that I missed out... As what I have mentioned before.. It feels like so far away from my family even though I get to come back home everyday..
have you ever heard this phrase ?
I bet you do..
That is the phrase that best describes my feelings when I have to work all day long for almost more than 11hrs.. 
Pity my dad because he is the one who sends and fetches me each time I was working at parkson..
Thank you dad ^^
 I love him so much~!
He sacrificed so much~!!!!!!!
And.. If possible, I don't want the same thing to repeat all over again... that's why ,I have to think twice and wisely so that I am able to make a brilliant decision ;) 
yeaahh ~ 

So., the conclusion would be., 

I will not go for any part time job.
I'm ready to serve for my family ..haaaa~~~~ ^^ 
I will be sitting at home along 3 months holidays .
I will not missed out from any family event because my presence will be always there with them <3

despite that.,
there is also something that makes me feel empty and uneasy.. 
I want to increase my savings.,
so that I can depend on myself better without relying everything on my parents ;) 
Even so, InysaAllah, perhaps there is something much better from Him , lets juz pray the best for our upcoming events ^_^

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