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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bosan., can anyone hire me for a work ?

Assalammualaikum ^_^

Setelah final exam berakhir,, maka tamatnya sem 1 saya di pusat asasi UIAM, pj..
Bila da hbs sem1 .,, semestinya akan bercuti =)

Dan., kami., akan bercuti untuk 3 bulan =D
hip2 hooraaaayy~!


Mulai hari isnin pagi..

subuh : solat (lps tu tdo balik kejap..heheh)
9am : sidai baju,,,
ahh..perlu ke bgtau rutin harian ? haha...

dr pg sampai malam... aktiviti same je...
alaa.. nk keje...want to increase my savings.. haha =D
but yet.. i still dun have any idea for any new job.. when asking around., people would suggest


Sorry parkson..,I couldn't work for more than 11 hours in a day (for 4 days) and a half day( 7hrs ) in a week. Just realized that there is no difference between working half day shift in parkson and full day working as a teacher on weekdays..In return., I only gained RM*** ='(... Most saddening is., I actually have spent most of my time at work and getting far away from my family.It feels like working far away from my home even though I get to come back home everyday.,
Okay,. the reality is.. It's not that i'm demanding for a job that is highly paid.. I am actually looking for something worth due to my satisfaction..
do u understand what i mean ?? do u really understand??? do u?? do u???
So.,due to my eager to do part time job, a day after the day  I reach ipoh., which is on Monday., my father drove me to Impiana Hotel.. I was then interviewed by a woman who is in charge in human resource ..
I was seeking for a post in the office ( sales coordinator ) .., 
knowing that nobody is willing to hire a temporary worker, I tried really hard to hide from her that I'm actually a student who is having semester break which is only for 3months long~! 
 Tp.. akhirnya... " O'oh... kamu ketahuan... "
Pastu., she gave me a few examples of temporary worker who worked there only for a moment .
Okayla.. in conclusion..I failed to get that job just because of I am not able to work permanently.
xpe la.. . there must be something that is much2 better from Allah..
Allah is the best creator., He is the best decider ., He knows what the best for us.. and most important thing is,He loves us so much , that's why he always give the best for us =D .. I love you so much Allah... 

Okayy., anyone could give me any brilliant idea ? hehe..,  ^_^

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