Dunia ibarat NERAKA bagi orang mukmin tetapi SYURGA bagi orang kafir

Monday, December 7, 2009


As a librarian I will have to complete my holiday duty during this holiday . This is the part that I don't like the most . I reached there arround 2.45 . I started my duty by RE-wrapping those old books . For your information, most of them are about 60 years and yet there's still another books that is much older than those which are still being kept by us. While I was buzy wrapping those books , I mumbled to myself and wondering "why are we keeping these old books? the reality is that no one is gonnna borrow those books . Imagine, the papers are all in yellowish and brownish + the smell? haha! " Tp saya fahm, those books are still being kept as a warisan :) . That is why our library is so special about :-) . Alrite. we'll stop here first okay =D See ya! Wassalam.

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